PR People Send Us Mail

It’s getting to the point where as a food blogger I get at least one e-mail a day from a public relations person telling me about the latest restaurant/cookbook/food product that I should visit/read/try. The PR folks are lovely people who are just trying to get the message out for their client. In the best cases, the product they’re telling you about is pretty good and they genuinely believe what they’re saying. But as you can imagine, not every product can be great, and it’s still their job to tell the story.

Ever being a connoisseur of humorous names (not to mention an owner of one) today I got e-mail from a pr person named “Colleen Lies”.

2 Responses to “PR People Send Us Mail”

  1. cybele says:

    Haha – I just got a package from her! (And was disappointed to see that they sent me something that’s on my forbidden list, I guess they didn’t read my review policy.)

  2. morganusvitus says:

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

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