Bee Cake for Mother’s Day

My friend Leslie, when she’s not busy doing her Sammamish massage thing, likes to bake. With the help of a kit from Williams Sonoma, here’s her latest creation. Super adorable (and I have it on good word, delicious as well).

Bee Cake

Not sure if this is a strategy for shoring up the beehive population we’re losing due to Colony Collapse Disorder. (BTW, I would have prefered “Beepocalypse Now” as the title of Jordan’s post but to each his own.)

7 Responses to “Bee Cake for Mother’s Day”

  1. Denise says:

    What a cute cake! I don’t make a lot of cakes, though I do make some. I’m more of a mini-cake and edible bowl type cook but I can appreciate beauty in many forms. Great blog, by the way!

    Denise –

  2. Sarah says:

    Where do i get a bee cake mould from???

  3. Jordan says:

    First it’s my blog design, now it’s my post titles. What’s next?

    Oh, I know you. Forget I asked.

  4. hillel says:

    The cake pan is available at:

    And as for you Jordan, you know I love everything you do. :)

  5. jenjen says:

    This is way too adorable for words!

  6. dpeach says:

    My Dad is a beekeeper. This would be a great Father’s day cake. Thanks for posting it and the link to the baking pan.

  7. Leslie Evans says:

    It’s quite easy to make, but I urge you to follow the recipe that comes with the pan (and not just any old cake recipe). “Regular” cake still works, but the recipe on the pan includes sour cream which gives the cake a nice sturdy heft. Good luck!

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