Introducing Farmers Market Finales

Working at The Rainier Club has it’s perks for sure, but there are a lot of things I miss about Eva. I miss my daily chats with Amy, a chef who felt more like a friend than a boss, walking the 6 blocks to work every day, and my menu. Amy not only hired me as Eva’s pastry chef, but she turned over the entire dessert menu to me, no questions asked. I was not only free to make what ever I wanted, but encouraged to fully express myself. Not often does a chef/owner submit full control of a part of the restaurant to another, and I was lucky to have that kind of creative freedom.

What I especially miss about Eva is the Market Menu. Every weekend, Amy (and sometimes myself) would visit the University District Farmers Market and select various products. Upon return to the restaurant we would put together a 3 course menu featuring the markets highlights, my contribution being dessert of course. The dishes had a very rustic, of the moment feel, as they were created on the spot gathering inspiration from what we found.

I miss this part of Eva so much, I have decided to resurrect it in a way. I am bringing to you a series of instalments called “Farmers Market Finales.” I will visit the University market in the morning on Saturdays, gather what I can find, and present to you a sweet creation. The focus will be on recipes simple and humble enough to be taken from market to table within just a few hours. They will reflect the easy nature of the weekend farmers market, and hopefully give you inspiration and reason to patronize your own farmers markets. And if you are already a Farmers Market regular, perhaps it will give you an excuse to pick up a few new things, or justify that flat of strawberries you just couldn’t resist!

Instalments will begin shortly, as I have just returned from my trip to the market. Now I need to get on the phone and find some eaters!

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  1. Traca says:

    Hey Miss Dana. If you need a volunteer, I’m in!

    I can’t wait for future farmer’s market installments. :)

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