Behind The Scenes (and what’s Hillel up to?)

My lovely and talented blog buddy Dana has pointed out that I have not been around much lately. She is of course correct. This blog is supposed to be about the kitchen AND the front of the house, not just the kitchen (as interesting as it may be). For the last month I was on vacation for a month. Dana and I discussed putting the blog on vacation for the month (as I usually do each summer) but Dana wanted to keep posting. And she’s been kicking ass at it. But now that I’m back I still haven’t done my blogging duty. Believe it or not there is work happening behind the scenes.

We are feverishly working on a blog redesign as well as a new way to post photos. When we moved the blog to wordpress we put together a hastily designed template that looks ok, but is not at the level we really want. Additionally, we moved to the temporary method of posting our photos to flickr and embedding slideshows. That’s been pretty unsatisfying for most people. In addition to the new design work that’s happening, we’re writing our own WordPress plug-in (because literally none of the 200 available do the simple thing we want) to post photos. You may point out that to sacrifice blogging to write our own plug-in is insane. And that may be true. But it’s the path we’re on nonetheless. ;)

I promise I have collected a whole series of cool posts with accompanying pictures from my month in Israel and can’t wait to share all the delicious food finds. To make this post not totally devoid of culinary content I will include this lovely shot of a gorgeous plate of hummus at the Aboulafia restaurant in Jaffa, Israel. I promise it tasted as good as (if not better than) it looks.

hummus at aboulafia

Thanks everyone for your patience (and thanks to Dana for keeping things moving along so interestingly). :)

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  1. dana says:

    May I be the first to say, welcome home and I am very much looking forward to all progress on the site!!

  2. Abulafia, I am so jealous, fluffy pitas waiting to be eaten by me. Did you have Labane? Did you try Tapeo,I love that tapas bar!

  3. RandomEsq says:

    Fantastic! Looking forward to the new site. I just moved to wordpress as well and there’s really no end to the amount of fiddling you can do with the themes. -R.

  4. David W. Cowles says:

    Hi Hillel

    I’m pretty good at cooking Israeli food, having worked in the kitchen of an IDF base near Jerusalem for a month some years ago as a Volunteer to Israel (Sar-El).

    However, I’ve never been able to find a recipe for umba, that sauce made with mangos and curry powder that’s so great with shawarma. Any suggestions?

  5. No Offense but why would you want a recipe for Umba? Did you know that when you sweat it comes our of your pores?

  6. Richard Chan says:

    I know it might be obvious, but have you tried Picasa web album’s embedded slideshow? It is simple and easy to use. It works for me. :)

  7. hillel says:

    Thanks everyone.

    I always forget the name of Umba. I absolutely LOVE it. It’s so delicious. I ordered a new Israeli cookbook that might have it. I’ll investigate.

    As for Picasa… I have some particular requirements for our photo posting. Basically I want individual pages for each photo so commenting can happen on an album or on each photo (in addition to the main post). It also helps search engines find individual photos that way. I promise it will be an improvement over what we have now, with no dependencies on other services. ;)

  8. dana says:

    I have one of your Israeli cookbooks still. No recipe for Umba though.

  9. Shooky says:

    You’ve just been chosen for the Hummus Loving Bloggers project (it’s fairly new, and have only 3 blogs in it at the moment, so I’ll post it in a few days).

  10. Zac Phillips says:

    Hey Mao,
    im the israeli guy you met at the chicken and waffle trailer in austing last saturday, and you had taken some pictures, i was wondering where to find them or if you could send them to me. cheers man
    shana tova

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