Food Blog Awards

The food blog awards have crept up on us again, this time with out much fan fare or warning.  Perhaps it’s because they are hidden a site I don’t frequent, Well Fed Network’s, or perhaps I’m just a bit absent from the bloggy world.

Either way, you have until tomorow to make your nominations, which is my favorite part.  When it comes to picking winners and loosers, well, I just hate to exclude people.  So now is the time to tell the world who your favorites are, which blogs you track back to over and over, which ones you read for the content alone, which ones you go to for the pretty pictures, which one praises the city you love, which one is written by a chef you admire, which one makes you laugh.

Here is the nominations page

Nominations close wednesday evening, and voting begins on the 10th.

My nominations, which are essentially my own awards, are given by no true critical process. Simply, they are the blogs I find myself drawn back to each week, and those I am just so impressed with I can’t ignore.

Chef written blogs-

Eggbeater, and Ideas in Food

City Blog-

Eating Seattle


Roots and Grubs


Cook and Eat



Over all-


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