One of a kind

Seattle’s indie newspaper The Stranger has a holiday tradition, an auction of unique gifts every december collected in their Strangercrombie catalog. The catalog was put together as an excuse to raise money for a local charity while mocking the soft porn style advertising Abercrombie’s clothing catalog is notorious for. (The irony of no clothes in a clothing catalog doesn’t escape anyone.)

The best auction up there, in my humble opinion, is called, “The sweetest year ever” and features a dessert a month by yours truly! If that weren’t enough, you will receive a pound of Victrola Coffee, hands down my favorite locally roasted coffee, each month to enjoy with your desserts. Some of my favorite desserts will be part of this “dessert of the month club”, including my award winning Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies Crunch Cake, which features cake layers made from a dark and chewy brownie, milk chocolate ganache, a double peanut butter crunch layer in the center, finished with a thick coat of bittersweet chocolate glaze.

This year also features a variety of food related auctions, including a series called, “The best dang dinner party” with local chefs like Ethan Stowell or Union, and Renee Erickson of Boat Street Cafe coming to your home to cook.

This year the money raised will go to a charity every chef and foodie in Seattle is familiar with, Fare Start. This program is known for it’s high profile Thursday evening dinners, featuring a local chef who donates the labor and food. A 3 course menu is provided for a mere 35 dollar donation to the fare start program, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the organization directly. The organization uses the money to fund their various programs which include job training for disadvantaged adults in the culinary field, and providing meals to local shelters and soup kitchens daily.

So for those of you in the Seattle area, get on over there folks, bid away for one of the cities most unique gifts!

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