I know I haven’t had a terrible amount to say lately, save a little on one of the easiest Rhubarb preparations I know, and a blurb about cherries I worked with last year.  I’ve been BUSY!

I have multiple jobs you know.

Veil, I spend 20 hours a week split between two days preparing the desserts.  Then there is Molly Moons, you could have guessed that I could never just make toppings for that lovely girl, and I’d end up churning ice cream a couple days a week.  I just love it there.  It has the feel of hanging out with a friend, mixed with the ease of a high school summer job, and the exciting challenge of working with something completely new.  Ice cream certainly isn’t new to me.  But producing ice cream in large batches is a very different animal, and I am loving it.

So despite my best attempts at writing interesting things for you, I continue to come up empty.  This post is no different, I am instead pointing you to the blog I have been pouring over these past few weeks.

L20 is a blog following the opening of Laurent Gras new restaurant in Chicago.  It’s interesting to me because the chatter amongst chefs I know is that fine dining is dying, particularly in Seattle where the hottest new restaurants aren’t temples to cuisine, rather late night pasta joints, fried fish served under a club, small plates of every kind.  Even in New York, Stupak went on record about his future plans to open a cheap casual Mexican restaurant, and David Chang, it seems, is taking over the world.   But here is a restaurant resurrecting the guiredon, a cart used to heighten the tableside experience.  Where as other chefs are stripping the experience they offer, Laurent Gras is doing everything to add to his, like installing deck ovens to bake bread in house, and hiring a brigade of 25 cooks!

I am not saying there is a better or worse.  I myself spend far more time in casual restaurants, and abhor a mediocre fine dining experience.  It’s just nice to see someone creating what appears to be the real deal, fine dining with every detail thought out and pushed to excellence.

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  1. Ray says:

    Chef Laurent Gras and his staff are assembling intricate dishes. The L20 restaurant is extremely fine dining. It is interesting to see if they can uphold with other modern seafood focus restaurants in America. An article today on Gourmet magazine talks about Chicago and Chefs from different region taking a crack on the gastronomic city.

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