Perspectives — Obikà, New York City, New York

I just got back from Manhattan yesterday, but it appears I will need to back. They are opening a goddamn mozzarella bar! Remind me why I’m living in Seattle? Thanks to the New York Times for this preview:

“Obikà focuses on the most prized mozzarella in Italy, large balls of mozzarella di bufala, made from water buffalo milk. Obikà New York will offer primarily two types of mozzarella di bufala, one a sweet, delicate mozzarella from Paestum in the Campania region of Italy, with a Protected Designation of Origin designation, that will be shipped to New York three times a week, and a mild, creamy American one from Bufala di Vermont. (Long before the recent mozzarella contamination scare that has plagued farms around Naples, Obika began testing its mozzarellas monthly for bacteria and toxins.)”


4 Responses to “Perspectives — Obikà, New York City, New York”

  1. Erik says:

    Mario’s talked about doing one for years…

    FYI the one talked about in the Times is in Rome.

  2. Dude, maybe the US version will be better, but Obika was by the worst restaurant we ate at in Italy. Awful.

  3. hillel says:

    @Erik: yep. As I said, this is a preview. You’re right it’s based on the one in Rome.

    @Michael. I hope it is better. It would be sad if it sucked.

    Maybe Mario will do better? Likely even if he does it will be combined with a large dollop of arrogance and attitude.

  4. We ate at Obika in Rome a few years ago. They start with high quality ingredients, so the simple dishes were wonderful, but the composed dishes didn’t impress us.

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