Haandi, New York City, New York

Cheap Pakistani food in New York City. Why is it so difficult to find restaurants like this almost anywhere else in the U.S. in quantity? (Best video yet I think.)

Special thanks to Jason at Me So Hungry for hosting me at Haandi. Lots more pics over on his blog.

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  1. Ken Jackson says:

    Hey! That looked and sounded great, except whoever is doing the talking needs to say complete sentences withourt all the uming and ahing. I find that most irritating.
    However next time I am in New York I will go find that place. We do not have such a restaurant in Norfolk, England where I live. We do have an Indian Restaurant in Sheringham, my home town, which is quite good.

    I enjoy all your videos and the discourses on food. They are excellent and sometimes mouth watering.

    Ken Jackson. Ex-Chef de Cuisine.

  2. hillel says:

    Sorry for the irritation. I’ll get better over time. :)

  3. vengroff says:

    Next time you are in NYC, stop by the Pakistan Tea House on Church St. in Tribeca (just look for all the cabs). It’s been a few years since I last visited, but they used to serve an amazingly succulent and perfectly seasoned grilled quail, with naan and a vegetable, for $6.

  4. Liesel says:

    I moved from NYC to Seattle a few months ago, and my old office is only a block away from Haandi. I tried it a few times and thought it was unbelievably blah, especially the vegetarian items (lentils, chickpeas, potatoes); they were dry and flavorless. My south Asian co-workers say the meat is better, but I stick with vegetarian food when I eat out.

    Steam table restaurants may be handy (no pun intended), but I think the quality is mostly crap. This also goes for Kabab King over on 27th & Madison…nice people but gloppy, dried out veggies. And they never, ever have ras mulai, even though it’s on the menu…argh!

    A better bet in Curry Hill is Masala Bollywood on Lex btw 27th & 28th, or Tiffin Wallah on 28th btw Park Ave S. & Lex. Both have cheap and tasty buffets. Chinese Mirch on Lex & 28th is worth a stop, as well.

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