Perspectives — Sea Side Crab House, Falls Church, Virginia

Not only does Tyler Cowen host the excellent Marginal Revolution blog, but he also has his own ethnic dining guide. Who knew?!? Is there anyone without a food blog? Food blogging is America’s dirty little habit. From Tyler:

“An excellent seafood house in Eden Center. The soft shell crab is some of the best around. The crawfish are served Cajun style, although not as spicy as you would get in southwest Louisiana. It’s small and not a great place to sit and chat inside, but absolutely worth having in the repertoire. Outdoor seating is available. Right now it is my go-to choice for crabs. Make sure you use lots of the lime, salt and pepper sauce they give you.”


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  1. Ken Jackson says:

    When I visit my friend Susan lloyd in Virginia, I will make it a special duty to take her to this Crab Restaurant. MMNNN!


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