Tonight at Poppy……

Poppy, Jerry Traunfeld’s restaurant of his very own (you didn’t think the Herbfarm was his did you?) opened for their 6th service tonight, with a menu titled, “A Thali to welcome Dana.”

You see, it was my first day as their pastry chef.  I know, I know.  Another job?  Another restaurant?  You think it’s hard to keep up, try living it!  But this is the nature of my industry; fickle, transient, fluid.  Sometimes we stick around a while to climb the ranks, sometimes we are expected to leave the nest, sometimes we leave because we don’t make enough money, sometimes we flee a kitchen the minute we realize it isn’t right, sometimes we stay 9 months after we realize it isn’t right because we love the guys we work with so much, and sometimes we leave because we are made an offer we can’t refuse.

6 days ago I had no idea I wanted to work anywhere else.  But after a single conversation with Jerry, it became clear to me that I wanted nothing but Poppy.

This week and next will find me in both the kitchens of Poppy and Molly Moon’s, and after that Poppy will be my home.  The menu won’t reflect my presence until I have come on full time and can begin to replace existing dishes with my own as needed.  But soon enough.  First settle, second change menu.  I finished my first service surrounded by the chatter of 7 cooks, spent from 10+ hours of work, talking about the dishes they put out, the food they cooked, and how they could make it better.  I went home a very happy girl.

You can still find a little Dana Cree at Molly Moon’s, as I will always make her toppings, and participate in the sundaes.  And you might find me on the other side of the kitchen door, waiting in line for a scoop and a little chat from the friends I made there.

9 Responses to “Tonight at Poppy……”

  1. Congratulations! That is outstanding. I had a feeling Molly’s wasn’t going to be enough to contain your energy for long. I’ve been psyched about Poppy anyhow, and now I know the desserts are going to be fantastic too. Good deal.

  2. Daryn says:

    We ate at Poppy last night, and I don’t know if you had anything to do with it, but it was delicious :) Looking forward to seeing your creations on the menu soon.

  3. Jen Rickwalt says:

    YAY DANA! I am so happy for you!

  4. bill says:

    hey Dana, I figured I would take this opportunity to connect after so long. I am happy that you have found a new home, and hopefully one that you are truly happy at! I am excited for your new endeavor and look forward to hearing great things. Best regards, Bill

  5. Laurie says:

    We’re so excited that you’ve joined Poppy. When I had dinner there the food was FUN and delicious–I’m looking forward to tasting your contributions..

  6. MPG says:

    Awesome…Congrats! Now, I really can’t wait to try Poppy. You see, I grew up in Gujarat where thalis originated, and I love Poppy’s modern concept!

    We just had some of your toppings at Molly Moon & they were amazing. In fact, I have a shot of you mixing magic on my flickr :)

  7. Hey, wow! We ate at Poppy last night. It was really yummy. We ate at the bar and had a Thali. It was delicious. A new favorite place! Very cool that you’re going that way. (The Rocky Rose Sundae was amazing.)

  8. maryeats says:

    Ah ha. I should have known it was you. The malted chocolate ice cream was absolutely delicious- just like anything you are involved in.

    Congrats on your new job. Kev and I adore poppy and look forward to eating more of your creations.

  9. Leslie says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to try it and to see what you do there!

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