Attention Restaurants

I get a boatload of spam from PR folks trying to get me to try a particular restaurant. I never go. I figure, if the restaurant is really any good, I’ll hear about it from someone else. Additionally, going and eating canapes at the opening VIP reception for a restaurant is not exactly representative of what the food’s going to be like for most diners.

But, I have finally happened upon a technique that is almost guaranteed to get me to come to your restaurant and try your food. Name a dish (or in this case an entire section of the menu) after me. This is from my dad who was visiting the Beneluxx Tasting Room in Philadelphia.

Benelux, save me a table please. I’m on my way!

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  1. When I read your first sentence I thought you meant spam in a can and I thought to myself, “why would these restaurants send her spam?”!!!!!!

  2. Jazmin says:

    Hi Hillel,

    From Talia’s Steakhouse’s menu:

    Seafood Trio – Atlantic Salmon, St. Peter’s Tilapia, and Red Snapper with grape tomatoes, scallions, and Orzo pasta in ginger sauce.

    A customer visited our restaurant last week and told the server:

    “hey, this is a glatt kosher restaurant – why the name “St. Peter’s” is on your menu? Can’t you change it “Hillel Tilapia”?

    …. I guess this customer visited your site and read this section about “PR folks trying to get me to try a particular restaurant”.

    Anyway, Happy Hanukkah to you!

    Jazmin, Manager

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