Rocco’s Pizza, Portland, Oregon

We needed to carbo load before a grueling marathon at Powell’s City of Books in Portland. NYC style pizza seemed to fit the bill. I won’t give away the verdict, but be warned the F word is used when describing what they put on the pizza. (Hopefully you’ll also notice much fewer “ums” and “ahs”.)


4 Responses to “Rocco’s Pizza, Portland, Oregon”

  1. Jebediah Webb says:

    Wow that pizza didn’t look very appetizing. And I must say, the f-bomb was totally appropriate.

  2. Devlyn says:

    Funny thing is… it was less than a week ago when my boyfriend and I were walking up Burnside and passed Rocco’s. He asked me if I had ever eaten there before, and I told him that I hadn’t. Surely if you want good (NY-style) pizza in PDX, it’s going to be Ken’s or Apizza Scholls. Both are unfortunately nowhere near Powell’s, but are within walking distance from my house. ^_^
    Thanks for saving me the trip!

  3. George Smiley says:

    Oh nooooooo. Rocco’s is HORRIBLE. AWFUL. GHASTLY.

    What you want is: Escape from New York, @ 622 NW 23rd Ave.

  4. cheese demon says:

    What a bunch of pompus assholes,come to Ny and eat the pizza here.We love hippies!

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