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Haandi, New York City, New York

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Cheap Pakistani food in New York City. Why is it so difficult to find restaurants like this almost anywhere else in the U.S. in quantity? (Best video yet I think.)

Special thanks to Jason at Me So Hungry for hosting me at Haandi. Lots more pics over on his blog.

Perspectives — Obikà, New York City, New York

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I just got back from Manhattan yesterday, but it appears I will need to back. They are opening a goddamn mozzarella bar! Remind me why I’m living in Seattle? Thanks to the New York Times for this preview:

“Obikà focuses on the most prized mozzarella in Italy, large balls of mozzarella di bufala, made from water buffalo milk. Obikà New York will offer primarily two types of mozzarella di bufala, one a sweet, delicate mozzarella from Paestum in the Campania region of Italy, with a Protected Designation of Origin designation, that will be shipped to New York three times a week, and a mild, creamy American one from Bufala di Vermont. (Long before the recent mozzarella contamination scare that has plagued farms around Naples, Obika began testing its mozzarellas monthly for bacteria and toxins.)”


Google Cafeteria, Mountain View, California

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Our secret hidden camera expose of the food at Google’s main cafeteria at their Mountain View headquarters. The video’s a little shaky but that’s because we had to be stealthy and I couldn’t keep my top hat steady. The audio however is much improved over our last two videos. Progress, people. Progress!

Perspectives — Good Dumpling House, New York City, New York

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

My favorite new restaurant blog is from Jason Lam. It’s called Me So Hungry. If you’ve ever hung out with Jason you’ll recognize the writing on the blog as uniquely him. He’s also super generous with the pics. Here, he reviews Good Dumpling House in NYC:

“my fav banh mi place is close for lunch. i walk around and see good dumpling house. i dont know how to read signs. i just point. small portion, but plop down big steam pork bun and makes huge meal. only $4.25 for all. i get menu to go. menu looks pricey and i never think this is same place. maybe menu is for white people?”

He adds:

“…fatty pork taste like fatty duck. i like!”


Perspectives — El Bulli, Girona, Spain

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

I have waited for years for other restaurant-focused blogs to emerge that I could rely on. And i’ll admit that they have been few and far between. Most food blogs appear to prefer to focus on cooking. And some of the restaurant focused blogs I find are impossible to disappoint. So I thought I would try to bring some good writeups about restaurant here to Tasting Menu under the moniker — “perspectives”.

Think of it as restaurant writing that we wish we were doing, but haven’t gotten to yet. If you have suggestions on sources for great restaurant writing, let us know. Today we’re graced with a great description of the food at El Bulli.

“I was there almost by mistake, invited before anyone knew quite how little I know about food. I have never really cooked, don’t know how to use my dishwasher, and subsist mainly on prepared deli takeout. I don’t even eat in restaurants much. Yet here I was, invited to a meal at El Bulli, the Catalonian restaurant of Ferran Adrià. The occasion was a roundtable of art-world muckety-mucks, devoted to the work of the Spaniard widely considered the world’s most inventive chef, a pioneer of the intriguing, mad branch of cuisine known as “molecular gastronomy.” I was the naïf in the room. (Before I was invited, I’d never heard of Adrià or his restaurant.) I was introduced on the panel as “the food virgin.” Ouch.”


The Long Dark Blogcation is Over

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

OK. It’s been a little quiet around here lately. But we’re getting back in gear. Clear out the cobwebs and chase away the tumbleweeds. Time for more incredibly articulate and original food writing, photography, and some videos that hopefully aren’t too crappy.