Perspectives — Chez Panisse, Berkeley, California

I once had some pretty amazing chicken soup (as well as some incredible chicken) at Chez Panisse. And I have always loved Steely Dan. The fressers over at Infinite Fress combined the two for a special evening:

“Last month, we visited Berkeley to see Steely Dan stamp out any lingering idealism at the Greek Theater. Nevertheless, Chez Panisse (and the Cheeseboard Pizza Collective) demonstrated that Berkeley’s Sixties legacy is not dead; it’s just confined to Shattuck Avenue’s Gourmet Ghetto. In contrast, downtown Berkeley is still plagued with faux radicals who disregard their surreal inauthenticity and congregate along fetid Telegraph Avenue and in People’s Park, when not sitting in trees. These shenanigans helped elevate Kid Charlemagne that evening to an especial darkness.”


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  1. Jamie says:

    Much respect and appreciation for the video effort. I’d love to see more–but, suggestions:

    Speak more clearly, confidently and calmly! Zen is the dining experience, not feeding frenzy.

    Woah–shaky and dizzying camera spinnage all over the place. A more professional style would be still shots. When change of scene is needed, do a clean cut.

    Would love to see more! Keep up the good work.

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