[Thanks Chris for the pic.]

9 Responses to “Sweet!”

  1. cute! how big are they? cupcakes or like mini peanut butter cup sized?

  2. UK Foodie says:

    Fantastic little cakes!

  3. Obama Cookie…

    This is just a short post to share my joy. I thought I would be able to get through these elections without any posts on the subject, but apparently not.
    I found this on Tasting Menu and couldn’t resist sharing with you…….

  4. Merry says:

    Very pretty! Do you think Obama knows that he is a cupcake?

  5. UK Foodie says:

    Fantastic little cakes.

  6. arfi says:

    Sweet task for Obama as well :)

  7. Station Chef says:

    Hi Hillel,

    These little cookies are fabulous. The sides decorations for the cookies is attractive.


  8. ts says:

    Those cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes found there way to our house as well.

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