Oh Yeah… My Co-Blogger is Famous and Stuff

Generally we try not to toot our own horn here on Tastingmenu. And besides, what purpose would it serve, you wouldn’t believe us anyway. You’ll notice I haven’t reviewed Poppy (where Dana is the pastry chef). And believe me, it’s not cause I don’t enjoy eating her desserts. That said, once in awhile we do have to point you to some accolades. And since Dana would never link to it, I will! :)

I’ll quote the relevant parts from the article in today’s Seattle PI:

“Dana Cree, pastry chef at Poppy, made Bruno’s radar on her 2005 Seattle trip, when Cree was working at Veil. But Cree got this StarChefs’ call when she had been at Poppy just four days, with none of her creations on the menu.

She pulled mental ideas out of a hat. She prepared a talk on the Concord grape-rosemary sorbet that reflected some of her talents and interests. But she still didn’t feel prepared — and then, 90 minutes before she was scheduled to start plating her dishes, she began feeling nauseated and dizzy.

It turned out to be the start of the worst case of food poisoning she has had — and, she said, the luckiest. When she made her way down to the tasting team, they told her “we’ll come back in six weeks.”

When they did, judges wrote that Cree “impressed the hell out of us” with a bittersweet chocolate terrine paired with five garnishes, her “little black dress” of desserts that she makes to show that chocolate can go with anything, and an herbed-cider sorbet with pine nut “Crackerjacks”.

“She blew me away. This girl is one of the top five pastry chefs in the country right now, ” Bruno said.

The “Rising Star” recognition is meant for chefs who are 40 and younger and are “really making a difference in their culinary community,” Bruno said.”

Uh… kick ass! Yay Dana.

3 Responses to “Oh Yeah… My Co-Blogger is Famous and Stuff”

  1. Loving Annie says:

    That is very cool about Poppy’s Dana Cree, your co-blogger ! A fabulous pastry chef is a person to worship :)

    Yummmm !

    p.s. Did you see the free chocolate offer on my blog today ?

    Loving Annie who wishes you a delicious Thursday…

  2. Wow says:

    Dang, she\s cute too!

  3. chad says:

    Congratulations, Dana.
    You have obviously captured the attention of Antoinette in a way that most chefs try ever so hard to do. Star Chefs is a great organization, and we hopefully will see you at the ICC in September. Enjoy every minute of it.
    I look forward to all of your future posts.

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