Obama Menu

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, their families, the supreme court, and members of the congressional leadership will eat lunch in Congress on the day of the inauguration. The menu is following a Lincoln theme:

“The luncheon’s appetizer will be seafood stew in puff pastry — scallops, shrimp, lobster — served as a nod to the 16th president’s love of stewed and scalloped oysters.

The main course — duck breast with sour-cherry chutney and herb-roasted pheasant served with molasses sweet potatoes and winter vegetables — is a nod to the root vegetables and wild game that Mr. Lincoln favored growing up on the frontier in Kentucky and Indiana.”


We usually don’t post links on this blog, but this just seems cool.

4 Responses to “Obama Menu”

  1. diane says:

    what was for dessert?

  2. dana says:

    Log cabin pie is my guess. Just like pecan pie but made with maple syrup instead of corn syrup.

  3. Rosemary says:

    For dessert they had apple cinnamon sponge cake and sweet cream glace.

    Sadly, there was a children’s menu…

    Hot dogs
    Macaroni and cheese
    French fries
    Grilled cheese sandwiches
    Cheese pizza
    Chocolate chip cookies
    Apple and orange juices

    Think the kids ate that in 1860 too?


  4. Sweet Corn Creme Brulee with blueberries at the bottom or Foie Gras Creme Brulee ala Shola at Studio Kitchen

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