taking back the slight…..

Under no circumstances will I open the number 10 can of worms that is all that we in the industry think of Yelp.

However, nearly every establishment has received reviews that are unnecessarily negative/rude/absurd. No matter how unreal untrue unbelievable they are, they eat at us. So we do the only thing we really can. We take them back, turn them into jokes, and quote them to each other in our daily routine of kitchen jokes.

A pizza joint in the bay area has done us one more. They have printed these outrageous statements on T-Shirts. At Poppy we too have joked about having T-Shirts made with our own yelp slights.

On the list…

“Poppy hates children, and Poppy hates cake.”

“I would never classify the menu as New American………EVER!”

“If Ikea and a Tootsie pop had a baby it would be Poppy”

“Poppy isn’t even seasonal (oranges in winter!)”


And on the list for Veil…..

“This is the worst asian fusion restaurant I’ve ever been to.”

“Veil is, umm, skanky.”

4 Responses to “taking back the slight…..”

  1. lee says:

    Or you could make one that says People are Stupid to cover all your bases.

  2. Steve says:

    Yelp is useful only as a phonebook. It’s otherwise a font of misinformation, unsupportable opinions and general douchebaggery. There’s no reason to worry about it.

  3. GL says:

    Is there such a thing as an unsupportable opinion?

    It’s always a good reminder that you can’t please everyone.

  4. Rosemary says:

    I’m shocked. I always thought lobster mac ‘n cheese was excellent asian fusion.

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