The Sweet Chemist

Amidst the avalanche of press that my co-blogger is getting you might have missed the latest from Seattle Magazine calling her “The Sweet Chemist” and a “Rebel Chef”. I though she just liked trying to make excellent desserts, I didn’t realize she was rebelling. ;)

Check it out.

(Note for Seattle Magazine: how about posting the picture of the rebel chefs on your website so it’s bigger than a thumbnail. I promise it won’t cost you extra money, and it might actually make the picture informative cause you’d be able to see the people in it. OK. Sorry. Done ranting.)

2 Responses to “The Sweet Chemist”

  1. Hillel, if you go to the Eat + Drink page, it’s the feature picture….

  2. hillel says:

    Much better. Thanks Allison. Would be even better if you could link to that image from the thumbnail in the article. Many people, like me, may not travel through the eat + drink page to get to this.

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