Gryfe’s Bagel Bakery, Toronto, Canada

“They’re not from New York.
The best bagels in the world
seem to like hockey.”

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Gryfe’s Bagel Bakery

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Gryfe’s Bagel Bakery

3421 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M6A, CANADA (416) 783-1552

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4 Responses to “Gryfe’s Bagel Bakery, Toronto, Canada”

  1. AML says:

    Sorry. I have to say St. Viateur in Montreal has the best bagels. Hands down.

  2. Chef Chuck says:

    Exceptional design….. I’ve always wanted to open a bakery….I can smell the bagels now.
    Keep up the great work!

    Chef Chuck

  3. Karmacake says:

    I went out to Gryfe’s yesterday. They are different then Montreal bagels, they are different from New York bagels but somehow Gryfe’s bagels are in a class all unto themselves. Day old, they are stereotypically dense and chewy but fresh, these bagels are soft (almost fluffy) and chewy. Plain w/ seeds are the best ones but they’re all incredibly addictive!

  4. asta says:

    St Viateur is superior to anything mentioned so far, but Fairmont Bagel gets my vote. Montreal is fairly evenly divided between these two. St. Viateur’s are just ever-so-slightly sweeter than Fairmont’s, which for me, tips the scales to Fairmont.

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