Seattle hide your face. Portland’s kicking your ass.

Let me make this short and sweet. I’m not an expert on the street food regulations in Seattle. They may be on the verge of changing. They may not. But here’s where things are at this very moment.

Portland, Oregon is filled with multiple clusters of street food vendors organized in little parks of vans, trucks, trailers, and shacks. Some of the street food is ok, but a non-trivial percentage of it is fantastic. It’s simple, it’s often cheap, it’s focused, and it adds a dimension of choice in eating across Portland that makes it somewhere you want to be. The best trucks are positively magnificent. And from what I’ve read (feel free to disagree in the comments if you’ve got data) the good restaurants in Portland are not going out of business.

On the other hand… Seattle has essentially none of this.

Seattle… you should be ashamed. Vancouver has incredible Asian food. Portland has food carts. And Seattle… has… well… Ivar’s. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Ivar’s.)

I would have hoped Seattle could do better. I still hope it can.

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  1. DonS says:

    I didn’t realize that Marination Mobile, Maximus / Minimus, Skillet, Pai’s, and all the rest had spontaneously disappeared from the streets of Seattle, and that Wild Ginger now suddenly sucks for Asian food. Portland has fixed-in-place “cart pods.” Seattle has mobile trucks. Deal. Seattle also has Elemental @ Gasworks; Portland has GrĂ¼ner. We can go on all day like this, pointlessly and aimlessly. The only thing really “wrong” with both cities is the time it takes to get from one of them to the other, a curse of our western-USA sprawled-out geography and lack of first-rate infrastructure, like frequent high-speed rail service between the two cities. Meanwhile, maybe someone with the cash can get a cart pod going at SW Alaska and Fauntleroy Way SW …

  2. Totally unrelated, but my boyfriend and I are going to Daniel this weekend and of course looked to you two for a great review. He’s been following you for years and introduced me to you when I finally decided to become a grownup and start eating fish. If they don’t serve us as many desserts as you got, we’re going to pull up your review on our BlackBerrys and get our due!

  3. Mikaela says:

    If you are ever on the Eastside, there is a taco truck off the 148th street exit on 520. It’s in the 76 parking lot and has been there longer than I can remember. I highly recommend the Lengua Tacos.

  4. tami says:

    Well, if its any consolation you (Seattle) kick ass on the pizza front. Sometimes I think I’d trade the Asian food scene for a decent piece of pie. (I’m from Vancouver)

  5. Last time I went to Seattle I had the BEST pizza, and BEST English Fish -N- Chips! On a return trip I will be sure and look for that taco truck.

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