Dakota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks to a commenter on my first ever Minneapolis post for a recommendation for my second dinner while visiting. I’m at Dakota, Jazz Club and Restaurant. Unfortunately the live music is happening later tonight but the food is still a reason to come. They’re clearly proud of the food as equally important to the music as a reason to come. I think they’re right. Also… Lobster Rolls are on the menu. So yeah. The roll btw is the best lobster roll I’ve ever eaten. Evah. Buttery warm perfection. The bread and lobster were like a gradient of smooth warm flavors. On the side was the most intense lobster bisque I’ve ever tasted. It was EXTREME!!!

1010 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403, (612) 332-1010, website

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  1. Justin Emil (@ChefJBlue) says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been reading for years, did a stage at Canlis a couple years back and tried to visit Dana at Poppy when she was still there but missed her. Enjoy your time in the Little Apple!

  2. hillel says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. :)

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