Yang’s Dumpling House, Bellevue, Washington

Another round of sparkling Parent Teacher conferences regarding my three angels dragged my ass from Seattle to Bellevue. It’s not a trip I like to make… ever. But near the school a small steamy joint with a sign that said “Dumpling House” got my attention. I’m like one of Pavlov’s dogs when it comes to dumplings. We gave it a shot. Two dudes in there when we arrived. One running the show who spoke no English, and one guy stuffing meat into dough (not a euphemism). He spoke even less English than the first guy. We got there just in time before a swarm of folks arrived. We ordered the steamed dumplings and the pork dumplings. They’re all steamed despite the sign that advertises “fried dumplings”.

Holy crap. They were unbelievably delicious. Delicate, soft, steamy, the meat inside is a generous portion that’s perfectly balanced ratio-wise with the dough around it. The meat itself is flavorful but not over the top. It’s a clear savory note. These are no frills dumplings. Nothing to hide behind if they get it wrong. Just perfect texture, balance, and flavor served with little plastic cups of soy and vinegar for you to adjust based on your personal saucing preferences. I’m not a fan of heading out to Bellevue, but if you’ve got to go to the eastside, definitely move into Yang’s Dumpling House — you will NOT regret it.

509 156th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98007, (626) 400-9256

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  1. I saw this post this morning, and thought, aw, I’ll never go to Bellevue. But then I remembered I had my Mandarin lesson in Bellevue today, so I stopped in on the way. THANK YOU for posting about this place. The dudes were totally nice and the jiaozi reminded me of China. I’ll post more of my own thoughts of the place on my own blog.

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