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Saturday, August 25th, 2007

veil outside

A lack of posting on my part can only mean one thing. I am working my butt off in a kitchen far away from computers and the internet. Yes folks, I have found a new home in a small, intimate fine dining restaurant in Seattle called Veil.

I ate at the restaurant durring its first few months of operation in december 2005, and found myself quite taken with the restaurant. The dinner was polished, well thought out, refined, beautiful, and everything tasted perfect. The dining room is one of the most beautiful I had ever seen. It quickly became my dream restaurant, with an aesthetic close to my own, and a type of cuisine to aspire to.

When I put things into perspective, that I was leaving a job because I was unhappy and didn’t want to feel that sting again any time soon, that I was not leaving Seattle anytime soon, and that I wanted to build off the inspiration found at WD-50 and recreate the environment of passion I thrived in at Lampreia, my path was clear. I wanted Veil.

When I use the fact that I am arriving at 8 in the morning and staying until late in the evening as evidence of my pure joy, you might think I am a bit crazy. But to have a place you can pour your heart out to, that inspires and drives you to give 100 percent, well that’s my dream.

I have been working on new desserts, plating them with the chef and then tearing them down. Again, you might think I am crazy to find joy in someone tearing my work apart daily. But each day I go back in, and work on making the dish stronger.

Which is where I am going right now, back into the fire to try a few things again, to recreate a few that I have found success in, and to work my butt off.