La Toque

October 19, 2002


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  entry: October 25, 2002

01-Opakapaka with Braised and Shaved Matustake Mushrooms.jpg 02-Maine Lobster with Pernod and Candied Turnips.jpg 03-vegetarian dish with Matsutake Mushrooms.jpg
04-Crisped Pork Confit with Lentilles du Puy and Sherry Thyme Sauce.jpg 05-vegetarian dish with spinach and figs.jpg 06-Wild Scottish Hare with Anna Potatoes and Wild Huckleberries.jpg
07-Montauk Bluefin Tuna Seared with Cracked Black Pepper and Jack Daniels.jpg 08-Veal Tenderloin with Portobello Red Onion Marmelade and Red Wine.jpg 09-Baby Lima and Cranberry Bean Ragout au Pistou.jpg
10-Cheese plate with Epoisses and Brillat Savarin.jpg 11-Chockablock Cake with Hazelnut Ice Cream.jpg 12-Apple Cranberry Tart with Cinnamon Ice Cream.jpg
13-La Toque Kitchen Window.jpg 14-La Toque Kitchen.jpg 15-La Toque.jpg



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