Gryfe's Bagel Bakery

November 23, 2003


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 entry: May 3, 2004


01-Gryfe's.jpg 02-Gryfe's 2.jpg 03-1915 Horse Drawn Bakery.jpg
04-Gryfes.jpg 05-1958 Bakery.jpg 06-Prices.jpg
07-Moishe Gryfe.jpg 08-Moishe and Berny.jpg 09-Flour.jpg
10-Flour 2.jpg 11-Oil.jpg 12-Oil 2.jpg
13-Flour Mixture.jpg 14-Mixing the Ingredients.jpg 15-Pouring in the Oil.jpg
16-The Dough.jpg 17-Sectioning the Dough.jpg 18-Dough Sections.jpg
19-Bagel-Sized Dough Sections.jpg 20-Feeding the Machine.jpg 21-Feeding the Machine 2.jpg
22-Dough on the Conveyor Belt.jpg 23-Dough on the Conveyor Belt 2.jpg 24-Dough on the Conveyor Belt 3.jpg
25-Rings Are Collected.jpg 27-Placed on Sheets.jpg 28-The Proofer.jpg
29-Proofed.jpg 30-Proofed 2.jpg 31-Ready for Boiling.jpg
32-Going In.jpg 33-Boiling.jpg 34-Coming Out.jpg
34-The Oven.jpg 35-Baking.jpg 36-Baking 2.jpg
37-Poppy Seed Bagels.jpg 38-Bagels in Baskets.jpg 39-Plain Bagels.jpg
40-Sesame.jpg 41-Apple Turnovers.jpg 42-Moishe.jpg
43-Line.jpg 44-Sold Out.jpg



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