Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois

Restaurants I LOVE!
Restaurants I really like.
  • Avec
    615 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60661, (312) 377-2002, website
  • Charlie Trotter’s (12/1/02, photos, 11/12/02)
    816 West Armitage, Chicago, Illinois 60614, (773) 248-6228, fax (773) 248-6088, website, Charlie Trotter
  • Trio (02/18/04
    & 02/19/04) – CLOSED (Chef went to Alinea, restaurant renamed Amira’s Trio, see below)
    1625 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201-6021, (847) 733-8746, website
  • Tobolobampo
    615 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60661, (312) 377-2002
My restaurant to-do list.
Restaurants I’ve tried.
  • Alinea
    1723 North Halsted, Chicago, Illinois 60614, (312) 867-0110, website, Grant Achatz
  • Amira’s Trio
    3047 N. Cicero, Chicago, IL 60641, (773) 205-6200, website
  • Blackbird
    619 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL 60606, (312) 715-0708, website
  • Frontera Grill
    445 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60610, (312) 661-1434, website
  • Moto
    945 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607, (312) 491-0058, website
  • Tru
    676 N Saint Clair St # 1, Chicago, IL 60611, (312) 202-0001, website
  • The Wiener’s Circle
    2622 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614-1523, (773) 477-7444

6 Responses to “Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois”

  1. Genevieve says:

    Yay! You love Avec too! We had a bucatini alla carbonara there that we dream about every day. Luscious strands of bucatini – thicker and rounder than spaghetti – and fatty cubes of housemade guanciale.

    If you go back, go north towards Lincoln Square (not Lincoln Park, but higher up, near Montrose) and try Bistro Campagne.

  2. chelsey says:

    Your bar on the left hides the restaurants. Can’t see!

  3. jeremy says:

    Progress report. There has been a ton of changes in the restaurant scene here in Chicago. I’m happy to report that Paul Kahan, chef/owner of Avec and Blackbird has opened two more amazing restaurants The Publican and Big Star. Do yourself a favor, go straight to publican without hesitation. It’s the most delicious meal in town. The restaurant was conceptualized on three basic culinary principles; oysters, bacon and beer. Big Star is awesome, too, but it’s more or less a really cool ass bar with a habit of good food. They call it a honky tonk taqueria. It’s across the street from The Violet Hour, one of the countries best mixology driven speakeasies, also in the family. There’s Bill Kim’s amazing artisan asian noodle shop, Urban Belly…and his one of a kind asian-latino fusion “sandwich” shop. Rick Bayless opened Xoco, his version of a sandwich shop, which features mexican street food. The Bristol is another fabulous commmunal table restaurant serving small plates of things like duck fat fries, bone marrow, ricotta raviolo and the retarded good nutter butters for dessert. Gone are the days of uber fine dining and molecular gastronomy. Now, it’s all about tasty, comforting foods without all the emphasis on quality, simplicity, and affordability, rather than superfluous presentations…or as charlie trotter would say…”nonsense upon stilts”.

  4. jeremy says:

    p.s. I worked at charlie trotters for three years, beginning just two months after your visit in 2002. Kudos to you for figuring out the best places to go. I would say that Avec, Trotters and Trio were undoubtedly the three best restaurants in Chicago in 2002!

  5. jeremy says:

    For the record, Alinea, Trotter’s, Blackbird, and L2O provide the best in fine dining in Chicago these days, although, they are not nearly as popular as the more casual restaurants I mentioned in my earlier post.

  6. Cristina says:

    Alinea is a must try for anyone who appreciates food, or who consider themselves a foodie. The experience starts at the front door! But I am not going to spoil it to everyone.

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