Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Restaurants I LOVE!
Restaurants I really like.
  • Paley’s Place
    1204 NW 21st Avenue, Portland, OR, (503) 243-2403
My restaurant to-do list.
Restaurants I’ve tried.
  • Fenouil in the Pearl
    900 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR, (503) 525-2225
  • Joel Palmer House
    600 Ferry Street, Dayton, OR, (503) 864-2995, website
  • Pho Van
    1919 SE 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97216-1405, (503) 788-5244
  • Siam Society
    2703 NE Alberta, Portland, (503) 922-3675

4 Responses to “Restaurants in Portland, Oregon”

  1. Geoff Williams says:

    I travel all over the world and Toro Bravo (tapas) in Portland is one of the best restaurants I have ever visited!! Try the Olive Oil cake for dessert, simple and incredible!! Enjoy

  2. Will Farmer says:

    I would highly recomend Le Pigeon, Pok Pok and Victory. I’ve been almost everywhere in Portland and those are the ones I fall asleep thinking about. Siam Society used to bee good but has gone down hill recently. It’s sad because I see the chef really trying but the food quality is still falling. Last time I was there I was very disappointed. The common wisdom is that Typhoon is the best Thai in p-town, but Pok Pok blows the doors off. For sushi I highly recommend Bamboo or Bara, both in south east. And of course, Ken’s Aritsan Pizza is not to be missed. God I love Portland.

  3. balanced chef says:

    pok pok is not to miss. lincoln can’t be beat and andina is my go-to staple. i swear by each one of them and regularly fall asleep thinking about all of them.
    oh, and want a secret? beaker and flask. amazing. ’nuff said. and that’s coming from a local (and non-affiliated) chef.


  4. Juli3 says:

    I have only eaten@ Paley’s & Pok Pok and they are good, but I did spend the summer there and I have 2 recommendations
    1. Ken’s Bakery pizza night (one weekday night a week)- loved the secret of it and the arugala on top is magic.
    2. Andena’s – loud, busy, but the food is Purivan F’n amazing.

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